Is The American Dream Lost After the Election of 2012?

The election is over and President Obama is re-elected. Is America dead? Are we lost? The answer is no!!!

The election had 10 million fewer voters than in the last election. Obama won with 3 million more popular votes that Romney. How does that relate to the American population?

In the US there are 315,000,000 people. Those who voted in the election total about 118,000,000 or 37 percent of the American population. About 62,000,000 voted for Obama or about only 20% of the US population. There are approximately 160,000,000 registered voters out of 220,000,000 eligible to vote. This equates to just under 30% of registered voters placed Obama back into office.

Less than 20% of the US population  charted our course for the next 4 years. What about the 80% that did not vote? We they asleep at the wheel? Did they care?

There are 47,000,000 million Americans on food stamps. That is 15% of the US population. Important? Yes. As with feeding animals in the wild, if you domesticate them, they no longer have the skills to survive once released into the wild. The same applies to our food stamp population. They have forgotten to survive and contribute.

What is the point? The point is that America can pull itself out of this decline if it wakes up, educates the populace and returns to it’s core values that founded this country. There is hope with education. Remember , evil prevails when good men and women stand by and do nothing. Stop the Killing Of America.

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