Van Jones a Communist

I heard Van Jone say today that Americans have to repay America. He was speaking on behalf of President Obama.

If you remember Van Jones was appointed Green Czar during the first term of President Obama but stepped down when his background became in question.

Today, he stated that it is time for Americans who are successful need to repay America. This coincides with President Obama’s redistribution of wealth, class warfare, “Vote for Anger” and Republican are enemies. All of the above can be found in communist publications and the Communist Manifesto.

The transformation of America is changing it from Capitalism and the worlds strongest power to communism and a third rate power incapable of defending its soil.

The tax increase President Obama wants will do nothing to help the financial situation of the US. All it will do is help take personal property from the upper class and give it to the government which will distribute it as it seem fit or not.

Wake up America.

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