Kill America, Increase its Debt.

In 2006, Senator Obama said it was “UnAmerican” to take a credit card out in the name of  China and increase the American Debt. Today 17 October 2013, he has forced the Congress to increase the American Debt again. When is this going to stop?
Increasing the debt is one way to kill America. It can be solved. How? Drill baby drill.
Why Not? You ask?
If we become energy independent, we can erase our debt and take away power from the Middle East which also includes the Muslim Brotherhood.
Powere removed from the Muslim Brotherhood would take away from their ability to spread the word of  Islam which President Obama is in support of.
How do we know this? Look at Presidents Obama’s background, family and people he has surrounded himself with. Look at how he as treated our soldiers, christain population and the First Amendment. Look how he has tried to circumvent the US. Constitution

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