Obama is bringing America to its knees                                          

  By Ken Russell


Published: Friday, October 4, 2013 at 20:19 PM.

To the editor:

When President Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected, I knew that the America as we knew it was gone with the wind.

To this day, his biography and school records are off limits. The media has been deafeningly silent on these issues.

Remember how the media blasted then Vice President Dan Quayle on misspelling “potato”? But you heard little about Obama saying he visited 57 states or pronouncing “corpsmen” as “corpse-men.” He gets a free pass on each and every faux pas.

Obama brought Chicago politics to Washington, D.C., and has enough minions to succeed in his deeds.

Our illustrious community organizer will grant an interview with Russia’s President Putin and Iran’s new head honcho Hassan Rouhani but will not have sit down and talk with Republicans in Congress to keep the United States afloat. That says it all.

Our federal government is so full of corruption it is conceivably beyond repair.

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