Comment from a Mommy Vet on Veterans Day 2013

{TIME FOR AN Armed Mommy RANT/Veteran’s Day Speech: *WARNING HARSH LANGUAGE*}
Since 0bama is addressing our Veterans today, as a Veteran myself, I wanted to take a quick minute and express my thoughts on his speech…. 0bama wants to wish us a happy Veteran’s Day?? Really?? It’s so nice of him to pretend to give a shit about us on OUR day. These fake-ass well wishes coming from the asshole that shut down our WWII memorial and played politics with 90 year old veterans in wheelchairs during the government shutdown. This is the same asshole that left our people to die in Benghazi…went to bed… and then flew out to Las Vegas the next day to campaign for his 2nd term. This is the same asshole that has been on a rampage- firing our top military Generals who don’t support his extreme policies. This is the same asshole that used our Navy Seals as political props for his reelection, trying to take the credit that HE had killed Bin Laden. This is the s…ame asshole who couldn’t even pronounce “navy corpsmen” and made it sound like “corpse men.” This is the same asshole that has on numerous occasions refused to salute our flag, and instead had his hands resting over his genital region. This is the same asshole that treated our Marines like personal slaves, and had them hold an umbrella over him during a speech so his little pussy ass wouldn’t get wet. This is the same asshole that didn’t take up for our Soldiers after they disposed of old Qurans by burning them, and instead went on a tirade against them. I could go on and on with examples of this pompous asshat dictator tyrant Muslim Brother-loving America-hating TWAT absolutely disgusts me, as he spews his fake patriotism on television from his teleprompter on this Veterans Day, but instead, I’m going to narrow down my sentiments to just 5 simple words: KISS MY VETERAN ASS 0BAMA!!!!
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