Obama says people do not like him because of his skin

President Obama said Tod you that American’s do not like him due to his skin color.

This is crap. He was elected president on his promises and word. He has not performed. Even Obama care was not his. It was something Pelosi pushed and got passed. What has he done? Created class war, spied on American’s, sent guns to Mexico, proven his promises, Getmo open, bypassed congress, written executive orders to kill American’s, backed Islam against Christianity, bowed to other world leaders, blocked our energy independence, given money to other countries to develop petroleum to sell to the US, backed Moslem brotherhood in syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and has them in the white house. No it’s not because skin, it is the content of his character. He has lied to American’s and not taken action to unify this country only to divide it. Money from soldier’s and money to illegals. He is not transparent. He broke his oath to We the People.

About Josh Ketcham

I trained and conducted executive protection 4 over 40 years. If you have any questions on using lethal fire give us a call.
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