You can’t teach potus anything. His plan is set. How to stop him.

So, how can Republicans defeat this sort of gangsterism? D’Souza says Republicans have to stop being cowed by the alliance of “progressive politicians and powerful forces in academia, in the media and in Hollywood….We’re spending way too much time debating Obama, trying to educate Obama, trying to argue with Obama. He’s not interested in hearing from us or listening to us. He has a view, he’s going to try to put his view into action. It’s like trying to argue with Alinsky when he’s deploying a shakedown technique….All we have to ask is what are effective ways to stop him. Congress has the power to make laws and the power of the purse. Those are the most powerful things to have, but you’d never know it. You’d think that Obama is more powerful than the entire US Congress. I think that’s because they aren’t exercising their real power. Republicans need to stop talking and need to start doing things.”

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