Clinton protection 

Gowdy went on to nail it even further: “What it gives me is a reason to understand those people who think we have a two-tier justice system because poor folk do not get to sit on the plane, or the spouses of poor folks do not get to sit on the plane with the attorney general for 30 minutes. But if you’re powerful and have a position of influence and you have the right last name then you can do things the rest of the world can’t do and that’s why people don’t have confidence in the justice system.” If any of us had done a fraction of what Clinton did, we’d be in prison for the rest of our lives. This is a mockery of justice. Jason Chaffetz really hit it home: “They are treating her different and I worry that there are two tracks of justice. That Lady Justice takes off the blindfold if the name is Clinton. And that I think is at the root of why America is so concerned about this. There are two different standards. Because if you’re the average Joe, doing your job, sharing classified information, you’re probably going to be in handcuffs and you’re probably going to jail.” The rule of law is all but dead in America now. Lady Justice has been violated by Marxists and the Clintons.

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