Obama and Islam. 

Obama favored islam.Simple. 

Reason he grew up in it. 

Examples: Father was Kenyan Islamic. His mother second husband was a Malaysian Islamic. Obama went to Islamic schools in Indonesia.  Obama traveled to Pakistan while in college.  Most beautiful sound he has ever heard was the call to morning prayer. He stated that the future does not belong to those who slander the profit Mohammed. 
 He states that Islam was woven into America’s fabric since the founding of our country. Right in that we fought them in 1802 for imprisoning our citizens, sold slaves to the south and have always been on the attack of non Islamic countries. They aren’t in our fabric but a burr under our saddle blanket. 
How much more do you need. Don’t forget he hung a Mao Christmas ornimate on the white house Christmas tree the first year in the White house. Communism and Christmas does not mix but is a slap in America’s face. 

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