Double standard by Comey

Clinton destroyed 30000 emails as testified by Comey but yet Loretta Lynch wanted him to refer to this as a matter and not an investigation.
The Democrats have been trying to find any type of connection with the devil dealings over the dealings of the Trump Administration and the Russians period but they seem to ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, work to negotiate 20% of our uranium reserves to be sold to Russian companies. She’s signed off on it. There is the collaboration nothing is set up long that period
Earlier call me had stated that there is no indication that any Russian influence changed any votes through the polling machines in the US elections period
During the Israeli elections, President Obama had sent people to Israel to try to disenfranchise and work against the election of Netanyahu. Obama directed member of the DNC to travel to Israel  and set up an office  in order to stop the Rudy election campaign for the Israeli Prime Minister.
Nothing has ever been said or complained by the news media about the interference of the United States into the Israeli elections. Obama also try to interfere with the Brit exit issue. Double standards exist when it comes to Republicans being the targets and the Democrats being the Marksman.

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