Amazing the treachery

So let me get this straight. The DNC hires Fusion GPS to write a document that disparages Trump to ruin his election. The Fusion dossier author writes article for Yahoo News citing all this collusion that trump apparently conducted with Russia to undermine Hillary. He then cites his own article as evidence to write the dossier. The FBI uses this dossier information and media news as basis to secretly surveil and investigate Trump campaign members. And ultimately investigate Trump himself. Rogue FBI agents email each other talking about insurance that will overturn Trumps presidency just in case his wins the election, which turns out to be the false dossier. In what reality is this not our highest and most trusted agencies not colluding to overthrow our president? Embedded on our justice department’s are individuals who are polarized politically and have no place making decisions and taking actions that undermine our system of government. If the firing squad is still considered appropriate punishment for treason, then I hope there are some folks not sleeping well tonight.

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