Today 18 June Governor Cuomo signs a bill giving illegal aliens the right to have driver’s license in New York

They say by giving driver’s licenses to illegals it will make it easier for them to get jobs and do take the path to citizenship. Plus it will increase the insurance income for all the car registrations?

Since when are illegals required to have car insurance to drive a car. None that I know of. this is all a ruse . It’s a scam to increase Democratic voting base cuz they’re the same ones that don’t want to have the question on the citizenship on the next census that’s being conducted. The more people they can jam into an area that’s Republican the more they can read gerrymander The District’s to make them Democrat. The next thing that will happen is they’ll all be registered to vote and don’t say it’s by accident or a computer are but how you going to take back their votes?

The killing of America continues

About Josh Ketcham

I trained and conducted executive protection 4 over 40 years. If you have any questions on using lethal fire give us a call.
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